Saturday, 30 June 2012

nature-centric talent

'Les' is the Russian word for forest chosen by the
emergent Moscow-based designer Lesia Paramonova
to label her debut spring/summer collection that
smartly explores the human interaction with nature.

The gifted newcomer, an illustrator and designer who's
carefully building her own brand, showed extremely
feminine organic outfits with a profusion of floral prints,
pale and dainty in rose pink and powder blue, layered
with diaphanous materials such as transparent tulle
subtly evoking the early morning haze still 
trapped between the trees.

Butterflies and tropical birds are joined with detailed
botanical drawings that appear to come out of old
specimen catalogues in a whimsical yet sophisticated
look that came to make waves back in March at the
Cycles & Seasons Festival by MasterCard, the
pared-down event held between Russia's Mercedes-Benz
and Volvo fashion weeks to enhance the reputation 
of local young designers, photographers, 
artists and musicians.

'Les' collection is light and delicate as a butterfly wing,
and special as an indoor grown flower, we'll certainly
hear from this talent soon!

> all images compiled from the designer's Facebook™ and tumblr™ <

Thursday, 28 June 2012

surrealistic zoo fashion

How long did it take for Noah to build his ark to rescue
”two of every sort of animal, male and female” from
the Deluge? Chinese designer Yang Du created
her own ark without delay after she received a funny
New Year's card from a friend with two dinosaurs waiting
to board Noah's ark saying ”Oh shit, is that today!”:
loved the take and started developing the idea.

Yang Du hails from northern China and moved to
East London ten years ago to study, completing a
BA in Fashion Print and an MA in Womenswear at
Central Saint Martins gaining working experience while
sharpening her jocose manner at Vivienne Westwood,
Giles Deacon and John Galliano. Following her fashion path, 
she established her own label, YANG DU, in 2009.

”Relaxed, humorous and sexy” these adjectives utterly
describe her unique approach to womenswear and they're
better suited for her AW 12 collection showcased in March
at Paris fashion week, called ”Why do fools fall in Love?”
full of quirky vivid designs of animals on short and tight
or wide-sleeved knit dresses through a stunning parade
of colorful owls, foxes, flamingos, giraffes, tigers
and zebras in quite a frisky show with models
looking like exotic creatures, their faces brightly
painted, wearing droll zoomorphic backpacks.

Du's talent has been hugely awarded and supported,
she started showing with On|Off at London fashion week
in September 2009. On|Off is the renowned international
platform for emerging fashion and creative talents through
catwalk shows, installations, films, photography and a
collective designer showroom founded and directed by
Lee Lapthorne who recognized the need for a platform
bridging the gap between on and off schedule designers.

On|Off was created in 2003 becoming the first of its kind
and now takes place twice a year during London and Paris
fashion week. Over the past fifteen seasons it’s versatile
approach has attracted some of the most exciting 
new designers including: Charlie Le Mindu, Karen Walker,
Pam Hogg, Peter Pilotto, Lousie Gray, Gareth Pugh, 
Aminaka Wilmont, Gardem, Mark Fast and of course,
the noticeably optimistic yet playfully elegant Yang Du.

> all images © by GeoffPugh courtesy of On|Off <

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

customized folk

Years ago I was touring the beautiful unspoiled countryside
around my hometown when I happily stumbled across 
this hand painted Renault 4 wittily emphasizing 
the periodic revival of folk trend.
Bedecked with a rosemaling design (the folk decorative
painting on wood style arisen in the rural valleys of Norway
around 1750) and lace frames, the faded blue vintage car
was quite an unexpected encounter that today, thanks 
to the comprehensive website run by Michael Kustermann,
'License Plates of the World”, I'm eventually 
able to recognize was coming from Belgium.
I keep on fantasizing about the jaunty R4 still touring
Europe's network of secondary roads delighting bystanders
on its way to grace through hamlets and villages.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Andalusian buffet

Probably it's a commonplace to associate the name
Andalusia with flamenco, sevillanas, bullfighting,
Jerez's sherry and the Moorish architectural legacy
yet doing it denotes the rich source of inspiration
provided to artists and designers such as
Leandro Cano, a gifted young couturier 
based in Barcelona.

Inspired by his childhood memories (he was born
in Jaen, north of Granada, in 1984 and studied at
the CEADE Leonardo Escuela de Diseño y Comunicación 

 in Seville), his family women and ”dreams that I have
had since I was born”, Leandro creates classy couture
pieces skillfully balancing tradition and modernity.

His latest AW 12/13 ”Buffet” collection shows an
individual theatrical femininity with a hard work on
volumes, emphasizing shoulders and hips and
a gripping mixture of fine fabrics with great
attention to details so it's small wonder that it
has been selected by Marc Jacobs among the
finalists in DfT, 'Designer for Tomorrow', the
newcomer talent award originally created in 2009 by
Peek & Cloppenburg KG in Düsseldorf as a 
steppingstone for neophytes to enter the fashion 
industry with all their fresh artistry.
all images © by
DfT's finalists collections will be showcased at the
upcoming Mercedes-Benz fashion week in Berlin,
so... ¡muchissima suerte Leandro!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

eyemazing pop doll

image credit: Issei Kato/Reuters
I'm so smitten with the funny and cheerful look of
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu at the MTV Video awards in
Chiba: the young Japanese model and pop idol from
ballyhooed Harajuku district in Tokyo (you know for
sure the area in Shibuya where today like every
Sunday, gothic lolitas and cosplayers gather dressed

 in a jaw-dropping miscellany of personal styles).
Kyary (or Takemura Kiriko) began her career as a
fashion blogger to briskly become a professional model
and a shrewd businesswoman releasing her first studio
album earlier this year, 'Pamyu Pamyu Revolution'.
Kawaii, isn't she?

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Lisa's fractal iteration

Lisa Shahno is a Moscow-based gifted designer who
started translating geometry into fashion ever since she
was studying art at Mossovet polytechnic college.
”I often used to imagine three-dimensional objects which
I needed to portray on two-dimensional surfaces as
polyhedrons composed of polygons. It really helped
me to understand and feel the beauty of the shapes still.
I want to share this experience through my work” 
she proudly declares.

Lisa made a name for herself with her debut collection
aptly called ”Squaring the squares”, that came to win
the 2009 Kremlin Stars award as well the Best
Avant-Garde award in the CREATEUROPE design
contest in Berlin where she spent a year working
for AVR, the label founded by Andrea van Reimersdahl,
a designer known for working with textiles as a medium
between two and three-dimensionality.

”The Iteration” is the young designer's second collection,
strongly inspired by the fractal cosmology theory
and its hierarchical nesting of matter, from the most
elementary particles to the clusters of galaxies.
The collection shows structural, hi-tech wearable
pieces: basic geometric shapes conceived by dividing
simple grids made of squares by the diagonals.
Lisa skillfully emulates the overall structure of
the universe through her origami-like 
elegant molding.

gray background photos © by Valeria Mitelman
white background photos © by Anastasia Markelova

Thursday, 21 June 2012

out of this world

Hi everybody, I'm finally back: it's been ages since
my last post, actually I've been neglecting 
my blog for twelve long days!
Too many maybe yet I have to admit I was truly in
need of a serious break from everyday life so I left
home at the break of dawn to wander 
around the Apuan Alps' trails.

I felt the urge to put down everything I was doing,
stuffed my backpack with camping equipment and
started walking up the hills through hidden 
hollows  and silent woods in perfect aloneness.
Sheer bliss! I deliberately left home my electronic
appliances getting rid of them for a week at least
in order to be really out of the world (my digital
camera made no exception despite the beautiful
scenery I was about to come face to face with)

feeling already burdened with a tent, foodstuffs,
nested pots and pans, a foldable stove with gas
bottles, recycled wooden cutlery made in Germany,
my best sleeping bag, raincover, water purifier,
lighters and matches, tea and coffee by the dozen
and the only 'technological' tools allowed, 
a nifty compass and a hands-free solar 
chargeable lamp with a bunch of books.

That's why I have to resort to the stunning images
taken by Claudio Calvani, an experienced and
multi-awarded naturalist photographer living
nearby, to let you grasp the unique beauty
of the small mountain range in northern Tuscany
renowned for its celebrated marbles with nine
peaks almost reaching to 2,000 m. in height.

Calvani was the first Italian photographer to win
the Nikon Photo Contest International, the worldwide
competition held in Japan by Nikon Corp. since
1969 winning hands down the Biennial Nature
World Cup three times! He came to publish
several books such as ”L'Orecchiella, Parco
Naturale in Terra di Toscana” where do 
the pictures come from.

I feel fully recharged now in spite of the hot and
humid climate I found back in town, nevertheless
I'm eager to be back posting, stay tuned.

all images © by Claudio Calvani from the book
”L'Orecchiella, Parco Naturale in Terra di Toscana”,
Pezzini Editore

Saturday, 9 June 2012

tree women & other wonders

'October', 2010 (part.)
I'm gonna take you to a walk in the woods through
the fine ceramic sculptures by American visual artist
Kathy Ruttenberg and her unique sylvan creatures.
Basically a painter who switched to ceramic, Kathy
was born in Chicago, studied visual arts in NYC and
around the world (in Venice and Tangier) before
coming back home with a load of inspiration and
bright alien colors in her eyes. 

'I Will Be Naked in the Fall', 2010
left: 'The Source'  right: 'Lemur Lady', 2011
Kathy's artworks stand like symbols of a metaphoric
language exploring the deeper meanings in our lives
as well as the disreputable behavior toward 
our living mates, plants and animals.
Obviously she's deeply concerned about species
seriously at risk being moreover an 
animal rights advocate.

'No Stone Unturned', 2011
'Role Reversal', 2010
Her artworks usually depict women, whimsical small
ceramic figures (about 25 inches high) with a sort of
fairy tale character, finely crafted and painted with
watercolors in order to evoke their dreamy facet that
at a closer look reveal a dark yet a bit ominous facet
but with poetical, witty titles I'm totally mad about.
Hope they'll make your weekend. Cheers!

'Tree Hugger', 2010 (part.)
'Who Decides', 2010
> all artworks and images © by Kathy Ruttenberg <

Thursday, 7 June 2012

designed in Hackney™

Designed in Hackney™ is the riveting initiative
launched by Dezeen, the online architecture and
design magazine renowned for its brand-building
vision ”to celebrate the incredible diversity of design
talent in the east London borough of Hackney.”

The event will showcase world-class design created
in the borough which is one of the five hosting the
upcoming Olympic Games (not to mention the
magazine's headquarters and several stencil 

works by Banksy) as a unique guide to the 
district's rich and diverse design community.
Among the borough's talents is the edgy knitwear
label Leutton Postle that garnered universal praise
as the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Merit Award
winner for spring-summer 2012.

A combination of the cofounders names, long-time
friends designers Jenny Postle and Sam Leutton,
the Hackney-based brand shows its playful AW
12-13 collection of knit-based garments for women.
Both graduates from august Central Saint Martins,
the duo collated experiences and skills gained from
working for boutique Browns Focus and in knitwear
innovation in China, respectively.

Leutton Postle's design embraces humor and color
through extremely detailed knits with original hand-made
textures and rich patterns from a wide range of influences
and inspirations. Blocks, illustrations, faces scribbled
with fabrics, reverse appliqué and tinsel make the whole
collection uniquely engaging, ironic and free-spirited.
Properly designed in the talents community.

> all images © by Dezeen Limited <