Friday, 7 December 2012

whiter shades of pale

I've been away for a few days 'cause I was totally absorbed
in the interior decoration of my father's house who lately
decided to feather his nest in starring white (right now in
winter instead of driest summer but better late than never).
I've been painting the walls pure white, arranging new
furnishings as white as driven snow in a dramatic setting
where the only color hue is almost provided by the vibrant
red of his vintage offroad motorcycles downstairs
(two Husqvarnas, a Maico M.X. and a KTM he raced 
for decades before retiring).

Having plunged in white for days, it's quite normal to
post ”White Dreams”, a nearly colorless visual editorial
with an edgy slant in subtle snowy and milky shades by
New York-based fashion and beauty photographer
TOMAAS whose work I came to discover last year.
Tomaas is ”a visionary image-maker” whose work
”exemplifies a unique photographic experience where
subject matter, atmosphere and environment coalesce
into a single narrative that reveals its own story” as he
wrote in his website's statement ”in contrast to more
traditional photographic works where art often imitates
life, his images compellingly reveal themselves in a
that resembles cinematic images in real time”.

Published on Vulture, the independent magazine focused
”on the key movers of contemporary culture, aiming to curate 
and reflect highlights of the current zeitgeist”, which provides,
”as the name suggests, a stealthy dive towards the new, 
 always on the prowl for what's yet to come” as explained
by the editing crew, ”White dreams” shows ethereal, barely
perceptible gowns and scoop-back dresses by Houghton, 
Abigail Stewart, Lois London to name but a few, 
in a whiter than white parade.

> all images © by TOMAAS, styled by Aaaron R. Tucker Asst <

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