Saturday, 22 December 2012

today gold is all that glitters

Doomsayers have been proved obviously wrong,
the end of the world prophecy was bullshit and the
first day after winter solstice happened to 
be a bright sunny day.

Today marks the shortest day hence the longest 
night of the year with the sun at its lowest point
in sky shining like gold: strolling along the river in my
hometown I was overwhelmed by the glut of golden
hues glittering as to manifest how's great to be alive.


  1. Yeah, another bunch of gullible fools confidently telling us the day the world will end. We hear a lot from them and about them before it's due to happen, then we hear nothing when the world carries on as before. I wonder how they reconcile what actually happens (or doesn't happen!) with their firmly held beliefs.

    Love your photos!