Thursday, 13 December 2012

spider-inspired singularity

As you may remeber, in Greek mythology Arachne was
the skillful weaver who dared to challenge Athena to a contest
in a foolish conceit on her own skills in weaving and embroidery; 
beaten, she was eventually transformed into a spider by the
raging Goddess and her story stands as a lasting warning 
to take care to not dispute with the Gods.

Polish designer Malgorzata Dudek is not afraid to take a new
challenge with Deities after her clever homage to Swiss surrealist
H.R. Giger, indeed called 'Giger's Goddess' (here), came 
to put her sculptural works on the fashion map.
True to her signature dark couture, Malgorzata, who moved to
London to be fully released from creative restraints, premiered
her 'Arachne' s/s 2013 collection at New York fashion week
showing amazing hourglass shapes and flower-like ruffles
in structural nettings and laser cut-ups. Black bodices, suits,
corsets and gowns are conceived with great attention 
to detail and made with high craftsmanship.

As a convinced vegetarian, Malgorzata is committed to make
use of recycled and cruelty-free materials for her gripping
creations that fully show her expertise in classic tailoring as
well as her trend-setting vision on fashion: no wonder she
briskly earned the tag of ”the next Alexander McQueen”.

> all images © by Sebo Klimek, styling by Ise White <

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