Monday, 24 December 2012

snow embroideries

I must confess I'm at ease with my sunny and somewhat warm
Xmas days yet I understand the desire of a bright blanket of snow
during the holiday season so let me celebrate the festivities with
the breathtaking drawings by snow artist Simon Beck
sort of monumental embroideries from a winter wonderland.

Simon's art catches my breath through his time-consuming
and fatiguing technique: he simply walks ”in heavenly peace”
in soft snow up and down the slopes and even upon frozen
lakes with his snowshoes on to draw perfect geometrical
designs that can be seen and photographed from different
vantage points all around providing astounding 3-D effects
in accord with the constant changing of shadow 
and light up in the snowy peaks.

Needless to say, each single step must be perfectly marked
the first time 'cause snow can't be easily wiped down, that's
why in shallow snow he seldom uses different kind of shovels
in order to create less or more detailed patterns to shape his
unique yet ephemeral installations that soon will be 
covered by overnight snow or blotted out by gusty winds.
Simon's art is short-lived by definition lasting only in pictures
and videos and however you look at it, this distinctive 
feature makes his work even more poetic.

Most of Beck's activity takes place in Les Arcs ski resort,
in French former duchy of Savoy on the border with Italy,
where he spends most of the winter and, as far as I know,
he might be there today huffing and puffing in the thin air
of the Alps and carving his unique snowy 
trompe-l'oeils while Santa's coming to town.
To Simon and each one of you out there, 
my warmest Christmas wishes!

The snow artist at Les Arcs frozen lakes, Savoy valley, France
all images © by Simon Beck

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