Sunday, 2 December 2012

shelter from the storm

Are you ready to venture out into the chilled unknown?
We'll definitely take the road less traveled to discover the
latest collection, the AW 12-13 season, by Dud.Zin.Ska,
the label run by forward-looking Anna Dudzinska, the Polish
designer whose 'Arch.Tekt.Onik' collection caught my eye
last year thanks to unusual architectural creations.

Called ”Unknown”, the collection has been skillfully shot
by photographer Łukas Dziewic in an imaginery remote
barren land, unmapped and obscure, swept by bone-chilling
winds: a frozen inhospitable landscape with ”no civilization,
social roles or material possessions”
as the collection's
statement reads, where the only rule is 
to take shelter to survive.

Anna treats clothing as a form of camouflage this time with
no sex distinction referring to people living in harsh climates,
through layering and subdued colors, in which her signature's
sculptural knitted dresses skillfully emphasize Mother Nature's
architecture. There's nobody out there, neither a fur trapper nor
a stray husky dog to witness the beauty and the avant-garde
edge of her garments, hence we're lucky enough 
to appreciate them without freezing.

> all images © by Łukasz Dziewic, style by Anna Dudzinska <

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