Sunday, 30 December 2012

home is where the heart is

Make your heart at home with Brazilian unisex 'Vish!'
label: founded five years ago by two London-educated
creative directors, journalist and stylist Andreia Wachelke
and designer and illustrator Luiz Passos, Vish! aims ”not
only to create clothes, but to create fashion. And not just
any fashion, but products and proposals appeal of 

cool, fresh and copyright” they smugly declare.

”Sharing in common a taste for creative lifestyle, the two
creators have joined their repertoires in complementary
fashion and design in search of a challenge - turn ideas
and wishes into clothes that reflect the lightness 
of that lifestyle” the brand's statement reads.

Vish! latest s/s 2013 collection, actually the twelth, is
called ”Home is where the heart is” and fully shows the
duo's penchant for fresh, uncomplicated looks with delicate
floral prints and jacquards ”born from meticulous hand 
drawings as numbered illustrations that ensure the unique 
aspect of the product released with limited edition”.

A floral galore with flowers on sleeveless shirts and simple
cut dresses, upon table towels and walls to recreate a nesting
feeling through ”the special love for the place where we feel
at home”, a safe and warm refuge where there's 
”no hurry, silence calms and dusk lasts for hours...”.
”Home is where the heart is” provides a slow but sure
sense of comfort at the end of quite an edgy 
and unsettled year. Let's make a Vish!

> all images © by Hugo Toni, styling by Henrique Tank <

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