Thursday, 27 December 2012

folk dancing renaissance

Madame Peripetie, the smart moniker of Polish photographer
Sylwana Zybura I always keep an eye on, never fails to astonish
me for the quality of her work: I'm nuts about the images she
signed for ”Travelling Maurice”, the s/s 2013 hat collection 
by East London-based 'Moody & Farrell'.

Despite the name, 'Moody & Farrell' isn't a brand owned and
run by two partners, yet a combination of milliner Eloise Moody
and her deceased grandfather names, Michael John Farrell,
who was a keen hat wearer and her own guiding light.

Eloise started in fine arts and theatre before establishing the
label which grew working on bespoke hats for private 
clients as well as TV and movie commissions.
She recently resolved to realize seasonal ready-to-wear
collections such as her latest ”Travelling Maurice” 
taking her woodworking skills to a higher level.

Informed by ancient English folk dance, the collection shows
”straws, plaited cords and wood handwoven to evoke the  
relics of complex dances and celebratory garb” as its
statement reads, subtly emphasized by the vivid touch
of Peripetie through a graceful work on light from
above contrasting with modernistic red iridescences and the
elaborate hairstyles by make-up and hair artist Marina Keri
perfectly matching with Moody's handmade frameworks.

There's nothing like a compelling synergy between artists
to quench our thirst for beauty!

all images © Moody & Farrell/ Peripetie, hair & make-up by Marina Keri

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