Monday, 17 December 2012

feel my heartbeat

”Repetition is based on body rhythms, so we identify with 
the heartbeat, or with walking, or with breathing” declared
illustrious German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen whose
musical theories eschewed the traditional schemes of music
writing to establish a degree of change and that's what
Berlin-based Spanish designer Alba Prat tries to do tuning her
latest ”Syn Chron” s/s 2013 collection on her own heartbeat.

In truth, the captivating collection is inspired by the work
of German all-around artist Carsten Nicolai (also known
as 'noto' or 'alva noto') who turns scientific reference
systems into audio-visual intallations subtly combining
sculpture, light and sound to create his own code 
of acoustic signs and symbols.

I've been exploring the works of the recently graduated
designer (she studied at Berlin's Universität der Künste
following a previous degree in environmental science)

ever since her womenswear label's inception.

Following Nicolai's cold and minimal vibe, Alba recorded
her own heartbeat in two different situations and used
special software to visualize it in abstract forms creating
the basis of her prints to define the collection's twofold mood.
”One is more elegant and calm while the other is rather
sportive and bright. The recording for the first print took
place in a quite situation. Through the graphic representation
of its spectrogram, I created the luminous digital print.
For the other, I recorded my heartbeat directly after doing
exercise. The transformation of the audio file into bits, 
the most basic digital data, is used to create 
the jaquard pattern” she explained.

All played in fading tones of red and blue paired with black
and white, 'Syn Chron' channels Nicolai's soundscapes
through minimal shapes and striking patterns highlighting
Alba's conceptual approach which is shaped by the
spirit of data visualization as well as by pure talent.

> all images © by Alexandra Waespi via Not Just A Label <

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