Thursday, 15 November 2012

techno-goth on ice

When I shiver in the damp hazy cold of winter days,
I sometimes think about Arctic clothing musing on
heavy-duty garments to keep expedition members 
 warm and dry in the harshest weather conditions on 
earth mentioning at least anoraks, parkas and eskimos; 
yet if I consider Arctic fashion I can only
make reference to a few designers.

From now on I won't forget to include Latvian emerging
designer Jānis Šnē who, after graduating from Latvian
Academy of Art, showcased his ”Arctic” collection in
his hometown Riga during the latest fashion week that
came to present both men's and womenswear s/s 2013
collections, subtly highlighting the wave of Baltic 
talents we'll probably soon get used to.

Inspired by the sharp geometry of ice crystals, the collection
mixes gothic elements and sculptural decorations with unique
translucent details in a symmetrical minimalist take exploring
structures and shapes (with amazing icicle-like origami
embellishments) revealing Jānis' original vision.
He came to realize a short video (a short vimeo, though)
focused on the frozen landscapes inspiring his edgy clothes,
each and every one half the way between a costume 
and a wearable work of art.

I dunno how far Jānis Šnē will go, but I won't be surprised
to stumble across new gripping creations from his dark
and avant-garde creativity soon.

Riga fashion week backstage images © by Jānis Šnē
catwalk images © by Reinis Ziemelis via Creative Latvia

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