Monday, 19 November 2012

street style floral couture

Masha Reva, the Odessa-born Ukrainian talent I hold
in high esteem for her fascinating floral prints (here),
unveiled her latest collection in collaboration with the
Syndicate brand from Kiev  aptly called ”Botanical
Layers” and labeled as 'Masha Reva X SNDCT'.
Bearing the young designer's signature's fancy floral
prints, in which the accurate touch of a botanical illustrator
meets the digital layering of graphics editing programs,
the collection subtly connects Masha's couture-esque
aesthetic with Syndicate's original take on street style.

Syndicate is a new trademark of casual clothing with
an up-to-date attitude inspired by American heritage
as well by the minimalistic simplicity of Scandinavian
style which chose to work with eminent designers and
illustrators to ”treat street style in unique and fresh 
way” through limited edition collections.

Masha's flora galore looks exotic and traditional at the
same time, she interprets the ever-recurring botanical
trend for her part exploring a metaphorical digital garden
juxtaposing ”immersion in the rapid pace of contemporary
life, gadgets and social networks with a yearning for our
natural environment...” as she pointed out.

A limited edition of Masha's original prints will soon
be available yet I really dig the stunning accessories
(head pieces, masks and eyeglasses frames) she came 
to realize for the collection's photo shoot produced
together with fellow 'Synchrodogs' team.
Enjoy Masha's slant on nature theme.

> all images © by Synchrodogs/Masha Reva 2012 <

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