Saturday, 24 November 2012

street 'n' stylish

Sainer, 'Laziness', oil & acrylics on board, 2011
I'm always amazed when I cast my eyes over graffiti
and spray art noticing at a glance when a street artist
has knowledge of fine arts and s/he's able to show
her/his know-how in art history.
I mean, it's not only a matter of energy or the bursting of
old clichés through eye-catching drawings, yet a matter
of canniness and understanding that, more often 
than not, comes from a classical instruction.

Sainer, 'Primavera', from 'Urban Forms Gallery', Łódź, 2012
That's why I really dig Polish artist Przemek Blejzyk, aka
Sainer, and his striking approach to illustration, his sort
of 'physical poetry' as well as the way he combines
detailed painting with his street frame of mind, always
at ease whether he's making a huge fresco upon tall
buildings or working with oil and acrylic paints on canvas.

Etam, 'The journey', oil & acrylics on canvas, 2012
Sainer is also the co-founder of Etam Crew, the team
he created together with associate writer and street
artist Mateusz Gapski, aka Bezt: they both studied painting,
serigraphy and poster design at the Academy of Fine Arts
in hometown Łódź before starting in on their groovy collabo-
ration. I've just selected the works with a 'fashionable' vibe
but you'd better visit their weblog to be clued in to the hilt. 

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