Sunday, 25 November 2012

red shoes against violence

Today's the day to fight violence against women being
November 25 the 'International Day for the Elimination
of Violence Against Women' designated by UN to raise
public consciousness of domestic and other forms of
violence. From the beginning of the year, only in Italy
we mourn the loss of 107 women, for the most part
killed by their live-in lovers, men who mistake 
love with bare possession.

That's why the Italian cities of Genoa and Milan put on
display 'Zapatos Rojos', an art installation by Mexican artist
Elina Chauvet made up of hundreds of feminine red shoes.
The installation was produced for the first time three years
ago in Ciudad Juárez to visually represent all the women
who lost their lives on the border between Mexico and
U.S. and briskly became a symbol to give voice 
to all women who are victims of abuse.
Let's say NO to end violence against women!

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