Sunday, 4 November 2012

not every girl's best friends

You guessed it right, I'm talking about real diamonds here,
not rhinestones despite the global slowdown and precisely
the totally unaffordable black diamond dress range 
by British designer Debbie Wingham who proves 
to have a true affaire de cœur with luxury.
Custom-made couture is plainly the backbone of her 
business: self-taught Debbie (who received considerable 
knowledge of tailoring from her mother, a skilled seamstress) 
moved from native South Yorkshire to London by the age 
of 18 to start her fashion career producing and selling 
unique pieces in her own Hoxton boutique.

She worked for individual clients and consulted for many
big brands creating finale gowns for shows during fashion
weeks around the world, started a lingerie line and focused
her work on fullfilling each individual needs in the form of
the perfect dress, whether it be a wedding to an everyday
gown. Wingham's turning point arrived in 2005 when 
her gowns were worn at BAFTA's show 
getting nationwide media coverage.

Her 'Black Diamond Collection' isn't obviously meant for
anyone nor for everyday, its crowning glory is a long black
sparkling gown which is undeniably the most expensive
bespoke dress ever boasting 50 two-carat black diamonds,
25 on the peplum and a further 25 framing the lines of the
shoulder shrug while the bustier's centerpiece hosts five
carat black diamonds (and 1,500 pointer white diamonds
set in white gold with a very fine chain mail detail ”to add 

 a little more individuality” she pointed out with a wit).

The staggering black diamond dress which weights 13 kgs
and took 6 months of hand-finishing is the epitome of luxury,
so it's small wonder it has been launched in Monte Carlo
and showcased in Kiev, Dubai and shortly in Switzerland,
Mumbai and the USA in a worldwide tour that's also a
platform for the designer's first limited edition of jeans,
needless to say, encrusted with authentic diamond buttons
(only 750 pieces with black diamonds and 1,500 with white  
diamonds). I would be pleased even to own the placebo
version of the black diamond dress (made with lab diamonds
instead of genuine black diamonds whose market price is
'only' £10,000 in lieu of £3.5 million) 'cause, as Marylin
Monroe sang in 'Gentlemen prefer blondes': ”...square-cut
or pear-shaped, these rocks don't lose their shape.
Diamonds are a girl's best friends.”

> all images © by Josh Carroll <

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  1. Hm. Diamonds are all well and good, but I find the dresses themselves... lacking.