Monday, 26 November 2012

let's shoot grandpa!

Don't get me wrong, I'm just toying with the bright idea
that sprang to mind to Lu Qing, a boutique co-owner in
China's southern Guangdong province: while she was
unpacking a shipment of new clothing her grandfather
Liu picked up a few pieces starting giving advice on how
to mix and match them suddenly prompting her to turn
him into a cross-dressing model to his heart content.

Called Yuekou, the Tmall female fashion online store
was established in May by five recent collage graduates,
one of them is Miss Lu, the granddaughter of 72-year-old
Liu Xianping who was eager to be clothed in short skirts
and red tight stockings as well as to wear wigs in order
to get a true preppy look providing furthermore 
styling ideas by the dozen.
His evident self-reliance in front of the camera together
with his slender figure and his long slim legs bestowed
on him the aura of a style icon on the spot, significantly
increasing the usual level of Yuekou's sales.

The young at heart granddad who worked as a teacher and
a farmer wasn't embarrassed at all wearing outfits designed
for young girls with plenty of pink shades, lace and frippery,
he was simply having fun with his relatives co-directing the
photo shoot that suddenly went viral becoming 
an internet sensation to their suprise.
Mr. Xianping joyfully demonstrates how China has changed
throughout the last decades as well as, to paraphrase a
smart sentence by an unknown writer, her granddaughter
proves how grammar is important, for instance commas
save lives: “let's shoot grandpa” is a far cry 
from “let's shoot, grandpa“!

> all images © by HAP/Quirky China News/Rex Features <

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