Friday, 23 November 2012

high-flown baroque expectations

The homecoming of the enfants terribles of fashion
editorials, top-notch stylist Damian Foxe and photographer
Andrew Yee, the celebrated duo behind Financial Times'
How to spend it” multi-award-winning monthly magazine,
marks a new occasion for rejoicing and be 
transfixed by sheer beauty.

The tight-knit duo strikes back jointly signing the magazine's
latest visual editorial under the title ”Ornate expectations”
subtly emphasizing the intricate ornamentation of baroque
by juxtaposing grandiose dresses with the world of interiors.
The lavish art-inspired outfits we came to delight 
in Milan and Paris in March (here) are skillfully 
combined with fancy antiquities.

Among unique pieces of furniture, canvas wall murals and
silver-plated goods, the drooled-over embroidered calfskin
dress by Balmain, Valentino's showy tulle dress as wel as
the silk brocade dress by Giles and the printed silk dress
by Dolce & Gabbana patently look gorgeous than ever.

Indulge yourself in the peculiarly ornate celebration.

> all images © by Andrew Yee, style by Damian Foxe <

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