Tuesday, 13 November 2012

guess who's coming to dinner

Lamb in creole sauce, Saint-Jean du Sud, Haiti
I'm gonna take you to a flavorful journey around
the world through the visual cookery book by
Italian expert photographer Gabriele Galimberti,
a globe-trotter with a penchant for fresh homemade
cooking, called 'Delicatessen with love' in which
he shows delightful inspirational portraits of
grannies with the meals they cook.

Stuffed aubergines, Istanbul, Turkey
Chicken vindaloo, Mumbai, India
Rice, fish & vegetables in green mango sauce, Bububu, Zanzibar
Born in Arezzo, Gabriele studied photography at
the 'Fondazione Studio Marangoni' in Florence
before running a professional photo gallery with
his own laboratory, starting a commercial career
working for international magazines at once.
His images has been featured on Newsweek,
Le Monde, Le Temps, Geo and La Repubblica to
name a few of his assignments. Gabriele is also
a proud member of Riverboom Publishing.

Tamarind soup with pork & vegetables, Manila, Philippines
Poached cold salmon & vegetables, Stockholm, Sweden
Stuffed omelette, Bangkok, Thailand
He came to expand his interest to include travel
and documentary photography and recently ended
a 18-month trip through which he payed homage
to the world's grandmas and their unique skills in
good old home cooking savvy starting with his
own grandmother Marisa and her revered ravioli.

Beef soup with coconut & vegetables, Jakarta, Indonesia
Bison with mushrooms, Whitehorse, Canada
Chicken tajine, Massa, Morocco
During his tour, Gabriele turned into the most
curious and hungry a best-loved grandson could
be, exhorting to do their best all the grannies he
met along the way appealing to their own pride
and everyday's cooking care.
His portraits show the pleased femmes de cuisine
with the raw ingredients in their kitchens and the
toothsome final pièce de résistance.

Vegetarian tamal, Veracruz, Mexico
Roasted spiced chicken, Kalulushi, Zambia
While his tongue experienced the whole gamut
of flavors and ingredients, including moose steak,
shark fins and caterpillars, his lenses captured
colorful, yummy pictures documenting the worldwide
diversity of cooking traditions passed on for
generations in a mouthwatering reportage that
amazingly blends delicatessens with love.

Chicken & vegetables couscous, Timimoun, Algeria
If it's true that we are what we eat, we can claim
to be lusciously awesome and finger-lickin' good!

all images © by Gabriele Galimberti, 'Delicatessen with love'
(vertically rearranged for layout purposes)

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  1. Dearest Elisabetta,
    Lovely post and great, real life photos of women that cook with LOVE.
    Funny that Gabriele is from Arezzo, like Giovanni Raspini my favorite Italian silver.
    Hugs to you,