Tuesday, 20 November 2012

from the fountainhead of style

A primeval empire, utterly consigned to oblivion, the
forgotten empire which was the birthplace of human
society, came to inspire Barcelona born and based
designer Xavier Forà who, in a mix of fantasy and
history, invented his own women of Atlantis.

"Various theories along history suggest the existence of
a highly advanced antediluvian cradle of ancient civilizations.
Archaeological studies show that there are similarities between
towns that flourished in extremely distant points of the globe. 

 Pure coincidence?” he cannily asked introducing his
'Forgotten Empire' collection and his fount of inspiration.

Xavier studied at Felicidad Duce design school in his
hometwon, trained his skills in various internships and
came to develop a highly personal 'dress-to-impress'
style with haute couture features.
Extremely feminine garments full of aesthetic references
(he mixed ethnic and historical sources, such as handmade
embroideries and needleworks with fine Eastern-inspired
motifs reworked to create organic shapes and glamorous
skirts from Hollywood's golden age), creating dramatic
shapes and an offbeat synergy between primitivism and 
sophistication through a confident kooky style.

Xavier won the first prize in the ”Pasarela ON' contest
at MmOD Festival or Murcia Open Design, the micro festival
of fashion and design showcasing works by students and
recent graduates from leading schools of Murcia and Spain
that also featured 'Chimaera', the riveting collection by
Leyre Valiente I came to rate highly earlier this year.

I dare say Xavier Forà's visual trip to the legendary realm
of Atlantis gives evidence of a distinctive style that won't
sink in the perilous waters of keeping up with the Joneses.

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