Thursday, 8 November 2012

feel the Malmö vibe

It's always surprising how things in life happen without
apparent causal connections: today I was listening to
the debut album of Swedish band VED (firewood in
Swedish) that suddenly jogged my memory to one
of my fave Scandinavian brands, Altewai.Saome,
founded by Italy-fashion-educated designers Natalia
Altewai and Randa Saome (take a look at their
previous collections here and here).

Oddily enough, they all come from the lively southwestern
city of Malmö and in close proximity: while the interesting
sound of VED springs from the Möllevången aerea, or briefly
Möllan, the multicultural neighborhood that 'never sleeps'
being crowded with bars, restaurants and clubs and plenty of 
concert venues, the distinctive sporty style of the gifted
duo has roots in Stora Nyagatan, a short walk away.

catwalk images © by Kristian Löveborg/ASFB
The label's AW 12-13 collection is inspired by the shifting
moods of a character: a self-confident woman who can
opt for a feminine or more masculine look or a bit of both.
Her different temper is subtly epitomized by voluminous
and streamlined silhouettes, by mixing materials and
varying textures (silk, fine crepe, cotton are paired with
wool and knitted soft leathers)
as well by adding whole
blocks of color. The moody palette is made of grays
ranging from pale to dark juxtaposed with 
scarlet red and crisp white.
The Malmö vibe is here to stay!

campaign images © by Alexander Dahl

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