Saturday, 10 November 2012

curious time sequence

'Spiral Steampunk Watch' by Jezebel Charms™
Catching a glimpse at my datebook, I'm amused at
detecting that I can read today's date as 10/11/12,
a curious coincidence I'm glad to honor with the
gorgeous timepiece by British artist Kate, the
mastermind behind 'Jezebel Charms' trade name,
who provides a unique form of escapism through
her original literary-inspired handcrafted wearable
art jewelry with a distinctive steampunk 
edge (let them take you aback here).
It reminds me of the swirl in 'Shiva Eye' stones, actually
the protective operculum of the marine Turban snail shell
that, towards the end of the mollusk's life, detaches
sinking to the seabed and slowly becoming a 
beautiful work of art from Mother Nature. 
Dante wrote that ”Art imitates nature as well as 
it can, as a pupil follows his master; thus it is
a sort of grandchild of God.”
The Divine Comedy, 'Inferno', canto XI, 103-105

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