Monday, 12 November 2012

casting lights on Rahull Verma

Tomorrow will be Dhanteras, the first day of the eagerly
awaited Diwali, the Hindu 'festival of lights', starting the
five-day festivity to celebrate the beginning of the new
season at the end of the monsoon, therefore it's 
the appropriate time to introduce the work of 
London-based Indian designer Rahull Verma.

Rahull studied at Parsons in NYC where he completed
a BA course in fashion design in 2005, three years later
he graduated from the National Institute of Fashion
Technology in New Delhi then worked for a couple of
years to gain experience to finalize his portfolio, finally
earning an MA from London College of Fashion
early this year.

Verma is a pattern cutting virtuoso who started fulfilling
his potential through his interest in architecture and its
connections with fashion, exploring the philosophies
of 'deconstruction' and 'difference' conceived by French
philosopher and literary critic Jacques Derrida subtly
interpreting both the concepts through cutting and
fabrication of the clothes.

> images 1 > 5 © by Panos Damaskinidis, styling by Stella Gosteva <
His 'Hybrid Basic' collection has a dainty girly vibe in
a soft palette of white, hoary and dusty pink, showing
cocoon or boxy outfits with conceptual shapes; 
soft wool netting layered upon sheer silk chiffon 
with small polka dots skillfully pairing wool 
with tulle and fur with mesh.

Inspired by imperfect beauty, Rahull rendered the human
skin while aging through a draping technique he came
to develop by himself, that's what his wrinkled fabrics
suggest, while his panels and foldings come directly
from the deconstructivist theory.
The large pattern pieces are folded around upon each
other creating rounded edges with fewer seams than
usual, a process he came to record on the 
Behance network in a detailed way.

> images 6 - 7 © by Rahull Verma via Behance <

Gladly a new designer comes to light, Happy Diwali!

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