Wednesday, 7 November 2012

avant-garde fashion statement

I usually play the backseat driver role while trying to
give advice to my nephews (with little avail, though)
often criticizing the post-apocalyptic features of their
nasty 'shoot-'em-all' video games so I strongly hope
they won't see this post about Ukrainian designer
Iryna Dzhus whose latest collection has a certain
post-apocalyptic allure.

As likely as not, they would be keen on the conceptual
duds by 'Dzhus': the womenswear label established
in 2010 by Iryna Dzhus, a graduate from Kiev National
University of Technology and Design, who came to
introduce her sweeping style through avant-garde,
restructured shapes with Cubist reminiscences in
which traditional textiles are cleverly combined with
technical materials while the stark, almost monochromic
palette brings the outfits' structural design to the fore.

Iryna's AW 2012/13 ”Technogenesis” concept is about
the ”regeneration of the anthropogenic civilisation's
destructive principles into a virtually new trans-marginal
existence, an image of the 'post-apocalyptic archangel'
as the quintessence of reconstructing and modification
of consumeristic society's value of prototype design
modules has incarnated in transformer garments”

as she wrote in the collection's statement.

'Technogenesis' was awarded the second prize within
'Look into the Future', the XIII competition among Ukrainian
up-and-coming designers which saw the participation of
more than 80 of them from 14 different cities 
prior to the selection of the 18 finalists.
It has been showcased at the Odessa Holiday fashion
week and at the Festival of Love in Kiev during last
summer creating a significant impression: no wonder
it's now available for sale on, the online
store representing garments exclusively designed by
young Ukrainian designers with a twist.

I came to put together all the images thanks to ”Static
Movement”, the stunning photo shoot for Behance made by 
the 'Touch Creation Art Team', conceived and art-directed
by Alek Korneev with photographer Julia Chernih that
cleverly emphasizes the uncompromising character of
Iryna's futuristic creations.

> all images © by Touch Creation Team/Korneev/Dzhus <

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  1. Gaga Couture? Bella in particolare il cappuccio nella prima foto ;)