Wednesday, 28 November 2012

'as sweet as pie' style

Seamus Lim, better known as Seamus Juno, is a fashion
illustrator and graphic designer working and living in
Singapore who's deeply concerned with his own clothes,
a young man about town who came to develop a fresh
and fuss-free style that may be perceived at a glance
as easy though filled with optimism and grace.

Seamus grew up in Kuala Lumpur, graduated from Dasein
Academy of Art with a diploma in graphic design even though
fashion is the true love of his life: ”I've always wanted to learn
about fashion but I ended up studying graphic design and
realized that it's kinda cool actually to see fashion from another
point of view...” he declared to I.M., the first crowd-sourced
mag of Malaysia founded back in 2009 to provide an online
platform for young creatives to share their works.

Latterly, Seamus created dainty yet powerful illustrations for
the s/s 2013 collection by Jonathan Liang, one of the most
promising designers in the Malaysian fashion world so it's
small wonder that Liang called him to illustrate his 
label's no-frills approach to prêt-à-porter.
Both Seamus' style and Liang's creations look authentically
simple emphasizing the easiness of feminine forms free of
emebellishments through a common effortless sense of style.
Quite an intimate yet influential new freedom of expression.

> all artworks © by Seamus Juno for Jonathan Liang, 2012 <

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