Friday, 30 November 2012

Arena's geometric tailoring

We all know how pattern cutting forms the necessary core
of dressmaking, a must to be thoroughly assimilated by every
student, even the ones with inbred sensitivity to proportions
and sewing or drawing skills. Once basic blocks are created
you can adapt them in innumerable ways and you have to
deal with geometry, mayhap exploring new creative ways, 
exactly what London-based rising designer Arena Page 
had been doing intensively.

Arena was born in Russia, graduated in fashion design
from the University of Huddersfield and sharpened her skills
pursuing an MA at London College of Art, developing a
new working process to go along with her strong penchant for
tailored garments (”You can't go wrong with a beautifully
cut jacket or blazer” she remarks) through a 
characteristic 'less is more' approach.

> lookbook pictures © by Panos Damaskinidis <
The famous Möbius strip, the continuous single sided
surface ”with a twist”, came to inspire Arena's exploration
between art and geometry who, thanks to a 3-D modeling
computer program, started generating solid surfaces
subsequently flattened into 2-D patterns to build on her
clothes in a design process toing and froing from 3-D 
to 2-D in, as Showtime wrote, ”a true celebration 
of creative pattern cutting”.

Showtime as you may know, is the University of the Arts
London’s online gallery featuring up–and–coming artists
and designers which ”supports, promotes and celebrates
emerging artists by offering graduates from across the
University an opportunity to be seen by potential employers,
industry-insiders, curators, gallerists and collectors”.

Page's AW 2012-13 collection flirts with geometry and it's
aptly called ”Simple complexity, complex simplicity” showing
sophisticatedly feminine outfits with impressive cocooning
structured felt dresses and striped ensembles with emphasized
shoulders. She entered the fashion arena at a steady pace and 
we'll certainly hear from her soon. It's rumored that she's about
to start a project with Irish-born talent Úna Burke: to know
how much I like her leather armor-like garbs check up on
her own tag. Wonders will never cease.

> catwalk pictures © by Christopher Moore ltd. <

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  1. Absolutely beautiful works of art, each and every piece - thank you for sharing these and giving me something to wish for:) xo