Friday, 12 October 2012

where fashion roses grow

Harmoniously matching with Clive Bell's opinion ”A work
of art is like a rose. A rose isn't beautiful because it's like
something else. Neither is a work of art. Roses and works
of art are beautiful in themselves”, Lena Lumelsky's 
s/s 2013 ”Soluna” collection emphasizes the 
excellence of fashion and floral design.

The Antwerp-based talent who came to put her name on
the fashion map through a gothic approach and
significant rewards, mostly in Spain (she won Mango's
”el Botón” award and took part in the fourth edition of 

 Cadiz's 'South 36.32N' event) named her latest collection
from the contraction of the words 'Sol' and 'Luna'
highlighting the duality of sun and moon through a gripping
parade of layered transparencies and crispy roses.

Staring at the floral abundance in the lookbook, I dare say
that fashion may live without bread but not without roses
and that's why she joined forces with regular associate,
gifted photographer Zaeb Daemen and well-known
local floral designer Mark Colle (who created flower
arrangements for Raf Simon's final collection 

at Jil Sander) to visualize the daintness of her
 diaphanous apron-like dresses.

Despite the naïve color palette, the children's wear
silhouettes and the employ of transparencies and laces,
Lena's romanticism is subtly tempered with a bit dark
and decadent overtone. She came to present ”Soluna”
at RA Paris, the original retail and exhibition space that
”channels a new focus on a bygone era of bespoke
creations” founded by Anna Kushnerova and Romain
Brau where Lena's pieces were displayed upon
transparent mannequins lit up from the inside
dramatically pointing out their hand-stitched features.

> all images © by Zeb Daemen, flowers by Mark Colle <

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