Tuesday, 9 October 2012

wallpaper goes interactive

I came to appreciate the imaginary world of textile
designer Sian Zeng last year at Milan's Design Week
(here) which is always driven by a fiabesque artistry.
The China-born, Hungary-raised and eventually
London-based designer came to produce her 2012
interiors collection with kids and kidadults in mind
kindling magic and fun through a home decor
paraphernalia, including unprecedented wallpapers.

Sian injected new life into the old craftiness of wall
decoration by making it responsive to users of any
age and height conceiving magnetic woodlands
wallpapers in toile style allowing users to create
their own stories by placing magnetic characters
and buildings as well as writing on speech bubbles.

According to my much loved writer ”of nearly everything”,
Bill Bryson, wallpaper or ”stained paper” as it was called,
had been very expensive and deadly: ”... by the late
19th century, 80% of English wallpapers contained
arsenic, often in significant quantities” gradually
causing bedroom poisoning while the Sian Zeng's
are printed in England with eco-friendly inks on
paper from sustainable forests.

images 1 > 4 © by Richard Clatworthy, styled by Margarita Lorenzo
The range comes complete with smart, individually
cut erase boards to let you write your thought of the
moment, a titanic pair of soft scissors stuffed with
lavender seeds that looks ideal as a pin cushion
(the bigger the cushion, the bigger the pins!) or as
a scented, humorous room decoration and a cute
toy bear only asking to be culled.
Charmingly creative.

Sian Zeng, photo © by Piero Pierini
via chocolatecreative.blogspot.com (many thanks Margarita!)

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