Wednesday, 10 October 2012

hyperrealistic free style

Catalans started to gear up for independence as
Spain's financial woes cause the rise of separatist
fervor, recently marked by a massive yet peaceful
march calling for early elections; anyway Madrid
appeals to students and young artists as the real
center of culture and growing experiences.

That's what Catalan fashion illustration talent
Ignasi Monreal did: born in Barcelona 21 years
ago, he studied comic and illustration since he
was eleven achieving day after day the extremely
realistic (sometimes digitally enhanced, though)
technique he's known for.

Ignasi moved to Madrid where he graduated from
IED in fashion creative direction and where he's
now working as a freelance illustrator and graphic
designer. His detailed artworks appeared on
Spanish editions of repute such as Harper's Bazaar,
Vogue, EY! Magateen and V magazine where 
I stumbled across his latest illustrations.

V Magazine Spain is obviously the Spanish edition
of V magazine, Visionaire's former sibling publication
but while the first is a couture book, V is about RTW:
a mag ”about fashion with a capital F and all the
things that go with it: art, music, film, 
architecture... you name it.”

Jean Paul Gaultier
Needless to say it has been love at first sight (or better,
love at first site since I was looking at Spanish V's online
version) with Ignasi's fashion sense, the way he uses
allusive references to pop culture and modern art as
a trope to give a personal explanation of top designers'
outfits mimicking their own characteristic features.
Aren't they gorgeous? ¡Claro que si!

> all artworks © by Ignasi Monreal <

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