Monday, 8 October 2012

groovy patternship

I'm truly amazed by the amusing outfits sprung from
the collaboration between a painter known for his
sweeping brushtrokes and the ill-defined, sometimes
ominous characters he's able to create and a gifted
fashion designer noted for her colorful and fanciful
sense of style, even more being the two of them
longtime good friends.

Melbourne-based businesswoman Lisa Gorman (who
launched her eponymous label 13 years ago suddenly
making waves through a distinctive approach made of
whimsical prints with strong vintage and tribal references)

lately teamed up with old chum painter Rhys Lee to realize
six of her smart 21-piece limited edition spring collection.

Obviously we have to bear in mind that the spring season
down in Oz lasts from September to November for most
of the country (I should better say continent, though)
so the 'Rhys Lee x Gorman' capsule collection is
currently in stores showing slouchy dresses in a
gripping variety of brightly painted patterns.

Working together for the very first time, Rhys drew brush
& ink patterns on paper specifically for the project except
for a large 2011 oil on linen simply called 'Yes' that Lisa
Gorman thought to be particularly suited to join the rest
of the range. Needless to say Lee's kooky works are
featured in Gorman's personal art collection as well
disseminated to the four corners of Australia being
represented by Tim Olsen gallery in Sydney, Venn
gallery in Perth, by Utopian Slumps in Melbourne 
and Jan Murphy gallery in Brisbane. 
What a groovy 'patternship' it is!

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