Monday, 15 October 2012

greenwood goddess

Autumn undeniably stepped in so let's take a walk in
the woods as in the debut collection by Barcelona-based
designer Emina Sljivic for next spring season, called
'Himaphan Guardians' showing a fairy-tale aesthetic
subtly denoting her distinctive personal style.

Emina's female wardens convey an aura of serenity
that, in my opinion, make them look more like sylvan
goddesses ruling over war and destruction as well
as protecting and healing; fearless and cruel and
filled with compassion for all beings at the same time.
Actually her 'Himaphan Guardians' s/s 2013 collection
has been inspired by the Thai mythological forest on
the slopes of Mount Meru where wondrous trees grow,
among them the virgin tree bearing young girls in
place of fruits causing each man able to catch 
sight of them to fall in love on the spot.

The Serbian born designer who moved to Sweden
before graduating from IED Barcelona earlier this year,
sees clothing design as a way to escape reality striving
to express her feelings while putting a bit of her own
experience in it: she developed a strong passion for fashion
since her salad days mostly inspired by her grandmother,
a pattern maker, and her love for painting.

Soon after her graduation, Emina became finalist in
Modafad, the international platform promoting young
designers of experimental, interdisciplinary and innovative
fashion aiming at transforming Barcelona into a seductive
hub of creativity while encouraging the relationship
between design schools, the media and the industry.

The collection marks a statement of artistic bent through
light and complex structured shapes, gripping layered
cut-outs, applications and foldings evoking the outlines
of Thai temples and sculptures with gold playing the
leading role and in which natural fabrics like silk and
organza are combined with non-fabric materials.
I bet we'll hear from her soon.

> all images © by Alex Coustenoble/Emina Sljivic <