Thursday, 25 October 2012

Eid in Dubai daycations

Bab al Shams desert resort walkway
Dubai comes alive with the Eid Al Adha tomorrow,
the Muslim "solemn festival" also known as the
Feast of Sacrifice, a significant 4-day holiday
(in truth a religious holiday begins on the sunset
 of the previous day, so right now) that this year
feels shorter falling on the two-day weekend
but you could bet that everyone has 
a plan for these days.

taking close-ups of sand designs
popped up desert hyacinth (Cistanche tubulosa)
watching camels go by
 I have to admit I feel an acute nostalgia for my days
there that made me rummage through dvds of old
personal pictures: during Eid the city really goes into
festive overdrive and you have to take into account
a wide range of dizzy activities (open-air or indoor)
to while away with close friends and relatives.

taking snaps of the crimson sunset
visiting heritage buildings in Sharjah
hubby & me casting shadows in Al Ain oasis
I enjoyed several Eid 'daycations' while living in the
Emirates visiting heritage sites, doing mall hopping,
having a dinner cruise along the creek while staring
at the fireworks; 'going green' visiting parks and
gardens or driving to Al Ain, UAE's ”garden city”
as well as camping on the red sandy dunes of the
desert or simply unwinding at a resort or sunbathing
on Jumeirah beach while reading a good book.

palm squirrel-watching in the parks
the ever-present shopping lure
reading on the beach
Whatever you're going to do, Eid Mubarak!


  1. Oh no, I wish I knew you were visiting :) I would've invited you for lunch or dinner. I see you came to my favorite city AL Ain :)

  2. ciao, che piacere vedervi.
    beh, non sarà la stessa cosa, ma venite a trovarci.
    Magari Marley si arrampica sul palo del pergolato e ricorda un po' lo scoiattolo..baci laura