Thursday, 18 October 2012

contemporary white

Let's dig again into the dynamics that make a modern,
edgy collection spring from age-old traditions: in our
postmodern society, the self-conscious use of earlier
styles in the arts is often turned into a cultural symbol
to communicate self-identity and character.

South Korean designer Eun-Jung Lee who studied at
the University of Fine Arts in Seoul before graduating
in fashion design in July this year from Esmod Berlin,
has to thank ancient Greece and the broader principles
of classicism for the inspired graduate collection she
aptly called “Contemporary White”.

Strongly influenced by the gymnastic silhouettes in
Olympic uniforms and the timeless poise of Roman
togas, the collection shows outfits worth of modern
vestals with stiff sporty jackets and draped chiffon
tops, asymmetric cuts, contrasting fabrics and colors
with amazing leather inserts as well as long pleated
skirts impressive like columns.

No wonder Eun-Jung Lee's modern take on classicism
has been selected to show at the latest London fashion
week where it came to prove how much a time-honored
tradition can work wonders for contemporary fashion.

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