Tuesday, 2 October 2012

bback to school

”School days” is the title of the amusing editorial by
'bbmundo', the online Mexican magazine about kids
(a handy how-to aimed at parents raising children  
aged six to twelve with jake fashion contents) 
founded by Nicaragua-born businesswoman and 
broadcaster Martha Debayle following her ”bbtips” 
TV show, a 20-minute morning segment whose 
viewership constantly soared.

Debayle launched 'bbmundo' all by herself twelve
years ago with its brainy payoff reading ”inspired
by love, guided by knowledge” briskly establishing
a unique business model (bbmundo has no ads,
yet individual sponsored pages connecting directly
the readers with kid-related advertising brands)

that later on morphed into a print publication,
a monthly magazine with a wide circulation.

Aptly published in August when the Mexican school
cycle began (originally, the first day of school was
on September 2nd but it changed to give kids more 

 time to study) the editorial marks the back-to-school
season (the second largest sales period for retailers
after Christmas holidays, though) channeling its mood
with a delicate preppy look through the images taken
by expert photograph Ana Lorenzana and styled 

I like to keep an eye not only on fashion for grown-ups
being childrenwear one of my specialties ever since it
was neglected on a grand scale (with just a bunch of
designers able to foresee its potential) thus I really
appreciate the Mexican talents involved in the dainty
photo shoot documented as well by the nice 'behind
the scenes' short video produced by Elsa Portilla 
with photo edition by Paco Díaz bringing back 
memories of olden school days.

> all images © by Ana Lorenzana/bbmundo.com <

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