Wednesday, 26 September 2012

the abode of beauty

Princess Hafizah in the ceremony prior to her wedding
The week-long wedding festivities following the
superb marriage ceremony of Brunei's Princess
Hafizah Sururul Bolkian with civil servant Pengiran
Haji Muhammad Ruzaini will come to an end tomorrow.
I was enthralled at a glance by the sheer beauty
of bride and groom attired in exquisite dresses
as well as by the royal wedding's grandeur.

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Brunei or Negara Brunei Darussalam, the
Abode of Peace, is the only sovereign state
on the island of Borneo, a Muslim Sultanate
ruled by HH Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkian,
one of the richest nations on earth proudly
owning the second highest human development
index among South East Asian countries.

The drop-dead gorgeous silk wedding dress
of Princess Hafizah embellished with precious
stones and gold embroideries was designed
by couturier Bernard Chandran but don't be
fooled by his French-sounding name, Bernard
is a versatile haute couture designer from Malaysia
where he made waves since 2003 when he won
the 'Designer of the Year Award' from MIFA,
the Malaysian International Fashion Alliance
and later on he was bestowed on the honorary
title of Datuk, equivalent to the British Sir.

Chandran, a former graduate from Paris American
Academy, is known for his creative tailoring and
unusual cuttings; he's also a tv celebrity and an
active brand ambassador who has been eventually
hailed as the country's 'King of Fashion'.
He recently devised a new concept store in Kuala
Lumpur called Area 27, a multi-label store-cum-hip
that will redefine high street fashion from October
the 15th presenting  popular designs 
and unique objects of desire.
Malay beauty and talent walk hand in hand.

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  1. Oh God, the beauty takes my breath away!

  2. Mmm .. The pic with the gold dress is not Princess Hafizah ...

    1. Usually I do not reply to anonymous comments, yet you're probably right.

    2. It's her cousin from her mother's side

  3. The last two images are of the nephew of the Sultan marrying the niece of the Sultan's wife. Their wedding was a few months before Princess Hafizah's :)