Monday, 3 September 2012

Swedish relaxed attitude

One of most gifted Swedish fashion designers,
Carin Wester, labels her womenswear spring/summer 
2013 collection as ”revealing contemporary elegance
with a relaxed attitude”, likewise describing her 
own easygoing yet refined style.

Conceived for a self-confident townie woman and 
inspired by the late 1980s romantic comedy film 
”Working Girl” (the classic tale of a twenty something 
secretary blossoming into a business-minded senior 
executive wearing formal office suits) the collection 
turns the conventional business attire into more 
casual and seductive outfits.

Carin Wester graduated in 1998 from Beckman's 
School of Design and soon worked as a designer 
for Stockholm's 'Paul & Friends' store before 
establishing in 2003 the eponymous label that 
briskly made waves thanks to androgynous shapes 
and a distinctive playful approach.

Today the designer signs a female line ('Carin Wester'),
a male line called 'Wester' and the limited range 'W'
selling her idea of relaxed elegance in 15 different 
countries. Mostly made with sustainable materials, 
the collection's outfits show gripping fabrics and
textures through simple cotton or melange jersey
shirt dresses with wide elbow length sleeves and 
high belted dresses in black and white with 
small stripes and graphic prints.

> all images © by Kristian Löveborg/Mercedes-Benz Stockholm's fashion week <


  1. It's such a remarkable collection. There are so many interesting items :)

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