Thursday, 27 September 2012

poolside glamorous lure

Manhattan-born photographer Slim Aarons first made
a name for himself with his World War II combat pictures
that, as he pointed out at a later date, taught him that
the only beach worth going ashore was ”decorated with
beautiful, seminude girls tanning in a tranquil sun”
so it's small wonder that he moved to California 
after the war becoming the photographer of 
socialites, jet-setters and celebrities.

The good-life-by-the-pool frame of mind inspired the
latest Tata Naka's s/s collection and its strong hints
to the 1960's (squared dresses with nipped waists,
pajama pants, pencil skirts and beehive hairdos)

through the label's signature sense of humor and
its blatant disregard for short-lived trends.
The name Tata Naka comes from the childhood
nicknames of Georgian twin sisters Tamara and
Natasha Surguladze, two Central Saint Martins
graduates who established the label back in 2000.

Posing in an mock swimming pool that seems
to come directly from a dated tv series being
completed with a palm trees backdrop,
water-effect flooring and required water depth
sign, the Tata Naka models wear havely printed
outfits with in-house designs echoing Matisse
and Gauguin in a joyful array of free-spirited
summer frocks.

Ice cream shades ranging from pink and pistachio
green to yellow and aquamarine as well as finest
fabrics and handmade embellishments enhance
the cheery mood of the collection cooked up for
a young woman who's able to create her own
distinctive, glitzy style.
The ageless tongue-in-cheek Tata Naka style.

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  1. That third girl has been taking Tavi's bitchface lessons to heart :D .