Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Milan's takes on the Orient

The latest Milano fashion week came to show a romantic
profusion of Far East-inspired garments with rich prints
and embroideries in a sweeping trend that seems to
embrace most of the forthcoming spring/summer 2013 
collections. The influence of Asia lingers on through
outfits based on judogi, kimono and pagoda shapes
in vibrant color shades for blatantly feminine
statement pieces.

images 1 > 4 Etro
Etro showcased a romantic collection strongly inspired
by Orientalist paintings that Veronica Etro interpreted
through her own atlas of style fine-tuning her silhouettes
on Chinese cheongsams, one-shouldered dresses
made out of a single swath of fabric like Indian saris
with amazing hand-painted flora and fauna designs,
polychrome embroideries and obi-like belts.

images 5 > 8 Emilio Pucci
Emilio Pucci's designer Peter Dundas was instead
inspired by the beauty of Vietnam skillfully mixing
traditional Asian with military motifs and techniques
such as quilting and beading as well as detailed
golden tattoo embroideries.
Rummaging and rearranging some of the historic
Florentine house's glut of archive prints, Dundas
showed his idea of femininity through an inventive
style blending bomber jackets, pajama pants 
and see-through dresses.

images 9 > 12 Fendi
The 87-year-old fashion house Fendi came to display
the less Asian-oriented collection, yet many echos can
be found throughout it: the kimono circular-cut sleeves
as well as the cleanness of shapes and geometrical
inserts. Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi lay
great stress on its handmade and seamless features 
(astonishingly fabrics are joined together by heating
them to the point of melting then pressed 
like in electrical welding).

images 13 > 15 Prada
all pictures © by Fashionising.com
Prada showed her unique take on the Orientalist trend
turning her attention to Japan evoking the ritual of
kimono dressing with elaborate foldings and wrappings
while reinterpreting the look of the 60's.
Flower appliqués, origami-like daisy shapes or cherry
blossom digital prints enhance both the Duchesse satin
and the impalpable fur. Miuccia proved once more to be
a trailblazer, e.g. with the flat judo socks bound 
with leather bows or the geisha-worth decorated 
chunky platforms.

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