Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Erik & the Neiman Marcus™ ladies

Mary Katrantzou's oustanding garments suddenly
brought back memories of the bewitching images
taken by Erik Madigan Heck, the gifted young
fashion photographer who came to highlight 
her demi-couture clothes through dramatic 
depictions sourced from the history of art 
(check over his tag to watch 'em).

Erik began shooting fashion in his early twenties
through his own illustrative style that has been thereby
labeled as ”blurring the boundaries between photography
and art”. Though describing himself as ”... a romantic
conceptualist in search of resonant decrepitude” whose
”work remains in between a paradoxical bravura and
 delirious state of historical melancholy”, he's adroit at
creating mixed media artworks falling in between the
realms of fashion and fine arts as well as to the nuts
and bolts of portrayal photography (each single shot
is carefully crafted to the client's needs and mostly

 souped up in the darkroom).

Heck is the youngest photographer to interpret the
renowned Neiman Marcus' fall campaign ”The Art
of  Fashion” which was shot in the past by legendary
lens artists such as Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon,
Helmut Newton and Paolo Roversi to name a few.
Neiman Marcus as you may know, is the Dallas-based
luxury specialty retail giant established back in 1907
whose first weekly fashion show was premiered
twenty years later (while pioneering a number of 
innovative techniques despite the nationwide 
financial turmoil, a genuine lesson even now).

”We wanted to pair up this season's exquisite
fashions with a true creative visionary”
Neiman Marcus' vice president Eddie Nunns
about Erik Madigan's choice. Fall/winter outfits
from high-end international brands are featured in the 
gorgeous images and luckily two original prints from 
Heck's NM portfolio will be auctioned next month to 
support the 'Two x Two for Aids' charity for amfAR 
and the Dallas Museum of Art's contemporary 
art acquisitions fund: hope they'll 
fetch a six-figure sum!

> all images © by Erik Madigan Heck/Neiman Marcus, 2012 <

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