Sunday, 23 September 2012

DIY taiga style decor

Unfortunately, when I'm outside of my usual spots
the wi-fi signal on my laptop becomes really choppy
or goes out of whack at its worst  (I know for sure
how in Italy the Internet is far to be fully developed
thanks to a ruling class almost unaware of its real
significance) therefore sometimes it's hard to work
up a good post as if I were living in outer Siberia.

Pardon me, I'm just fooling around and as far as
I know they probably enjoy faster connections up
there in high northern latitudes, for sure they can
be proud of Olga Kostina, the talented pensioner
who showed her artistic and recycling abilities
by adorning the facades of her house hammering
30,000 equal-sized plastic bottle lids to the walls.

Olga came to create a new vivid landmark in her
rural village of Kamarchaga, in the wide Krasnoyarsk
Krai region bordering the taiga forests of Siberia,
producing colorful geometric patterns and delicate
portraits of the animals leaving nearby nailing
down each single cap on a texture of traditional
macramé motif. Reuters staff photographer
Ilya Naymushin who's documenting daily life
in northern Russia with remarkable pictures,
arrived on the dot to glorify Olga's work.
Art matters and it's never unintentional!

> all images © by Ilya Naymushin/Reuters via Designboom <


  1. I'm blown away by this woman's work!

    Macrame, pixel art, beadwork... on a house :D .