Saturday, 29 September 2012

alive and kicking shop collection

'Madame Guillotine' designed by
Florence Estelle Girault, from Nantes, France
What's More Alive Than You™ is the
new Italian brand focused on the production of
fine shoes and handbags by involving artists,
designers, architects and fashion professionals
as well as young talents and college students
from around the world.

'The New World Symphony' designed by
Cristian Barato, from Dolo, Italy

above 'Guardando il Muro - Staring at the Wall' by 
Lucia Pontremoli, from Cividale del Friuli, Italy  
below 'Mix_Cut_Paste' by Giulia Signorini from
Vigevano, Italy
 Founded by Mario Innocente and Michela De Zuani
in the northeastern town of Padua, What's More Alive
Than You™ caught my attention since its inception 
two years ago for its participatory approach (here).
The intriguing motto and the whole idea of people
generated fashion design made me all agog to dig
into the fledgling brand's first creations.

'More Level' designed by Albrecht B. Angel
from Münster, Germany
Real works of art from the unique combination
of international design and Italian craftsmanship
came to life with striking results and now the s/s
2013 shop collection is about to be ”served”.
Premiered in September at Milano fashion week,
it will be available from the beginning of next year
only in selected stores in Italy and abroad and
through the website's e-shop.

'My Jaba Money' designed by Akiko Tanakshi
from Tokyo, Japan
Needless to say, each single product is entirely made
in Italy, mostly by hand, exclusively using vegetal-tanned
leather and natural cotton canvas and please do not
forget that the latest call for participating in the fourth
design selection for the fall/winter 2013-14 collections
will close next week. Hurry or you'll be late! 

'Ellis Island' designed by Filippo Mantone
from Rome, Italy
> all images courtesy of What's More Alive Than You™ <

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