Wednesday, 22 August 2012

winding up Winde

Inspired by renowned Greek poet, journalist and civil
servant Constantine P. Cavafy's (better known as
Konstantin Petrou Kavafis in the countries bordering 

 the Mediterranean Sea) poem ”Ithaca” and conceived
as a journey through different cultures in search of a
personal identity, young Dutch fashion designer
Winde Rienstra realized her s/s 2013 collection.

Showcased at Amsterdam fashion week in July,
the sort of avant-garde couture collection bears
a charming romantic appeal through a range of
flowing peplums and evening dresses in pastel
tones adorned with handmade silkscreen prints,
fine wooden inlays with embroideries 
and crocheted details.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Winde
graduated from Utrecht's Design School of the
Arts and made a name for herself thanks to modern
geometric outfits subtly interpreting traditional
craftsmanship techniques through a distinctive
personal twist. The garments structural detailing
is juxtaposed with their silky neatness while
self-designed loose accessories like collars,
jewels and belts and the astonishing shoes
made of Lego™ white bricks tied with knitted
laces decorated with pom-poms 
add a resolute original touch. 

The gifted designer has been deeply involved in
'Spinning a Yarn', the multicultural social project
sponsored by the Province of Utrecht where she
held workshops for women from different walks
of life and different cultural backgrounds who
helped her creating handcrafted elements for the 
'Ithaca' collection and that will be showcased
in the upcoming month of September at 
Utrecht's Academy Gallery

> images © by Peter Stigter and © by Richard van Herwaarden <
 Winde Rienstra is patently winding up the Dutch
fashion's engine on her own!

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  1. *gasp*

    It's things like these that make fashion interesting again for me.