Saturday, 25 August 2012

summer night wordplay

image credit: © by Jon Nazca/Reuters
The astounding image with a dancing dragonfly taken
on a hot summer night by Jon Nazca, the award-winning
photojournalist and Reuters™ staff photographer based
in southern Spain, puts me in mind of the famous Latin
sentence used to describe the behavior of moths that
reads ”In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni”.
It can be translated as ”we wander aimlessly at night
and are consumed by fire” yet it amazingly may be
read backwards being the longest palindrome
sentence of the past. If you're interested in the witty
exploitation of meanings and ambiguities of words
as well in reading much longer phrases, keep a
check on Mark Saltveit's 'The Palindromist' website:
he's a real expert on this classic wordplay.
Have a great and safe summer weekend!

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  1. One summer's night game,There is a warm summer night sometimes, and sometimes it is cold,Whatever happens, it is because of the weather, the weather has been changing as long as there is still cold and heat,