Monday, 6 August 2012

shaping the void

'Exp. N° I - VOID' is the title of the graduation
project by young Danish fashion designer
Yvonne Laufer who aptly adopted the role of
a scientist creating her own rules and methods
to investigate the presence of negative space.

Fascinated by the world of science, ”a world
that I know little about surrounded by a mysterious

 aura”, Yvonne came to create her universe of
imaginary spaces exploring the boundaries
between form and formless through the abstract
concept of void translating it into experimental,
long flowing layered garments.

Yvonne studied fashion design and illustration
at Copenhagen's Kunstakademiets Designskole,
the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts committed
to developing Danish design and crafts for more
than 135 years, where her knowledge in cut out
techniques and fabrics layering thrived.

Trying to give a shape to the unknown through
an amazing combination of laser cut techniques,
Yvonne conceived edgy yet extremely wearable
outfits whose making process is fully documented
on 'Made in School' website, the ”ever-evolving
online portfolio adventure for those who study
work in the creative fields” dreamed up by
”...four poor and skinny design students 
in the cold and dark ice winter of 2010”.

> all images © by Julio Clavijo via the designer's website <

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