Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Nordic black line

Up-and-coming Danish designer Barbara i Gongini
is famed for her edgy artistry as well as for the
sustainable principles she strives to follow within
the production process: her environmental concerns
are expressed through the use of organic fibers,
fair-trade methods and recycling.

Graduated in 1996 from Danmarks Designskole,
Barbara launched her eponymous label in 2005
and briskly made waves as a budding talent for
her experimental and highly conceptual approach
to clothing design (she has been involved besides
in several design-related activities receiving awards
and grants, has been a member of several design
adjudicating boards and worked side by side 
with photographers, filmmakers and musicians).

Barbara i Gongini comprises two womenswear lines,
the eponymous main line and the diffusion one called 
”The Black Line”, a more basic and commercial 
range yet in the designer's unequivocal style.
The Black Line's s/s 2013 ”Collection 17” that came
to debut at Copenhagen fashion week appears to be
minimally rough yet rich in textures with almost
monochrome urban looks in gray, black and white
with unexpected neon yellow bursts.

Bold shapes are obtained through folds and slick
asymmetric cuts while the monochromatic game
of dissimilar textures shows ethereal white jersey
vests paired with geometric zipped over-sized
blouses and handmade knits shrouding the body
like a giant spider web, all of them bearing a
peculiar raw charm. Furthermore, the riveting
collection shows no accessories except for
some knotted necklaces smartly highlighting
its hybrid aesthetic.

> all images © by Barbara i Gongini via CFW website <
Earlier this month, the designer displayed her
”Collection 17” at Gallery in Copenhagen in a special
show presentation made in collaboration with Pure
Flavour records, musician Flemming Olsen and
choreographer Sara Gaardo, frankly pointing out
how her inspiration is constantly driven by
knowledge sharing and artistic exchange.

Gallery's show invitation, photo © by Karina Jonson

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