Friday, 24 August 2012

iron-melted pot

French-born, Shanghai-based designer Sabine Ducasse
had a literal take on 'melting' devising her ”Melting Pot”
capsule collection whose 8-bit pixel patterns are made
ironing melty plastic beads together creating psychedelic
toreador-like shouldered garments.

Colorful beaded looks, trendy and outdated at the same
time with pixelated plastic collars and corsets, a clever
mix of plissés, melted wires and quirky prints smartly
translating the idea of the ”salad bowl” by mixing traditional
Chinese iconography together with Western elements
in a kaleidoscopic arrangement (she also created a video
with a constantly changing sequence of vivid images
to express the concept of culture merging 
to a greater degree).

Sabine spent the last four years in China and strongly
wanted her collection to speak about it, I confess I hold
in high regard the small collection's preliminary drawings
showing at first glance her coolheaded knack for design.
Unhappily, the imposing headpieces and wigs of the
drawings didn't find the way to get in the photo 
shooting nor in the catwalk show.

It's small wonder she came to win Shanghai's 'IFA Paris'
Golden Prize whose theme opportunely was 'East meets
West', receiving a full scholarship in Paris for the
postgraduate in fashion design and management
program at the International Fashion Academy,
the 10th arrondissement's school established 30
years ago ”to combine the French fashion heritage
with the modern globalized world”.

> images © by Matthias Hossann/Sabine Ducasse, 2012 <
Sabine Ducasse's Sino-French collection proves how
eager she could be to start her career in fashion,
so 'bonne chance' to her!

model Ding Rouyin with Sabine Ducasse © IFA Paris 2012

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