Saturday, 11 August 2012

from Rome with love

Don't be fooled by the title, this post has nothing to do
with the latest movie by Woody Allen, anyhow it's about
the ancient city of Rome where Romanian visual artists
and designers Mirela Pribac and Dina Dancu established
the 'O' brand creating ”objects that grow from or around
the body, we call them objects, they can be used in
various ways, we're open to talk about them and
to give them roles. We know they become bags and
jewels and other more or less practical things...”

their shrewd statement reads.

The Rome-based Transylvanian born artists realize
contemporary jewelry and bags able to change form
and function ”where texture is primordial” as they say,
”creations featuring longitudinal forms, egg shaped
curves here and there, minimal shapes and an earth
tones palette”. 'O' or 'O-Pose' is a young brand as well
as an experimental lab ”sailing through the forgetful
present and globalized world of fashion on a boat
of ideas about craftsmanship and research in form”.

Objects conceived and designed to be perceived
by touch (tactility is actually the keyword), they start
creating shapes by folding different kind of fabrics and
having fun while juxtaposing materials able to give
a characteristic feel. The AW 2012 collection is
amazingly made only with felt and carefully picked
leather with innovative shapes reiventing the whole
concept of handbag always playing with opposites.
This play of opposites fully tells the endless source
of inspiration provided by the rich heritage of their
homeland and the Italian style in craftsmanship.
Brave ragazze!

> all images from the 'O' website <


  1. Grazie Mikapoka, or Violet Green:-)Your post is very nice!
    It would be great to meet in person, and we would like to be able to show you our objects and have you touch them. You can always find us in Rome, just drop us an email if you are around and we will be happy to open Pandora's box in our studio:-) Un caro saluto! M&D