Thursday, 5 July 2012

tailored symbolism

I must admit I'm no longer able to consider myself a minimalist
because I can be nutty about excessive decorative designs
and prints galore when I'm in the mood for any of them or
when a stroke of luck makes me stumble across unheard
of talents like Ekaterina Gerasimova, a graduate from London's
College of Fashion where she recently achieved a BA (Hons)
in the womenswear course of fashion design and technology.

Born in Russia, Ekaterina studied knitwear and illustration
before moving to London that soon became her inspiring
muse, where she learned day after day how to whet her
sense for illustration into fully developed garments also
gaining experience working as a technical intern in 
print studios and completing a job placement at 
Alexander McQueen last year.

Her AW 12/13 graduate collection shows 8 decorative
pieces in which fine fabrics play the leading role through
a host of layers and techniques such as felting, devoré,
appliqué and embroidery skillfully highlighting
the symbolic meaning of motifs and designs.

> all images © by Hill & Aubrey, 2012 <
A capsule collection with a peculiar symbolic allure
made of dated (or should I say classic?) tattoo imagery
with traditional religious themes (Latin crosses, angel wings,
bleeding eyes, hearts into flames) paired with deconstructed
Sailor Jerry motifs and elements of indigenous cultures
deftly reconstructed with her illustrations, all bearing a
soothing retro feel. A true celebration of diversity
echoing crafts, rituals, cults and superstitions.

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  1. Dearest Elisabetta,
    Ekaterina for sure will show the world some special designs in the near future. Great to learn nowadays that designers from all areas are managing to get center stage.
    Love to you,