Wednesday, 18 July 2012

roaring talents protected area

ITS stands for International Talent Support, the
Italian fashion platform dedicated to the scouting and
support of young creative minds from all over the
world, held annually in the notheastern town of Trieste.
Conceived and developed by the EVE agency in close
collaboration with three main partners, Diesel, YKK
and Swarovski Elements which significantly feed
the platform's different areas, the ITS' final event took
place last weekend showing the work of 
the hardly selected finalists.

The enormous amount of proposals (mostly in
womenswear) showed the major trends influencing
young designers, their thoughts and their dreams.
Each finalist of the three contests will provide an
item for the ITS Creative Archive, the so-called
protected reserve for talent that ITS carefully
built throughout the years: such collection, located
in the restored attic of its headquarters, preserves
and showcases almost 10,000 portfolios, 160
original outfits, accessories and jewelry pieces
as well as 630 photography projects.

Ichiro Suzuki's collection images © by Dominic Tschudin/RCA
The ITS Fashion competition for final year students
reached its eleventh edition awarding Japanese-born
designer Ichiro Suzuki, a graduate from London's 
College of Fashion who gained remarkable experience
joining Saville Row bespoke tailors Henry Poole & Co.,
for his eccentric menswear collection which is a triumph
of intricate patchworks in different shades of gray such
as the bulging lion's head opening image upon 
the most traditional British tailoring.

”Woven Bird” is the name of Mark Goldenberg's collection
that came to win the Vogue Talents Award: the young Israeli
designer created handmade pieces, intricate, dainty fringed
dresses inspired by the wing structure of birds as well 
by the work of Russian sculptor and constructive 
art pioneer Naum Gabo (1890-1977).
”In my work I use fine metal rods on which wool and cotton
yarns are stretched in a circular motion, the colors I use
express the color distribution of an exotic bird wing.
(...) The dresses were woven manually and some 
of them with a hand-weaving loom” he stated.

Mark Goldenberg's images from the designer's website
Marius Janusauskas, a Lithuanian designer studying and
working in Belgium's fashion capital Antwerp, received the
Diesel Award and a six months internship for his extremely
feminine collection called ”Sleeping Beauties” showing
delicate dresses and smart ideas such as the red plastic
tubing top appliquéd with flowers and the protruding
'bones' of the tops mimicking the chest of exotic birds.
The collection bears a sort of fairy-tale aura declined in
a cool way with sharp lines and sophisticated color 
combinations such as lime, orange and cobalt blue.
Elegantly romantic without being syrupy.

Marius Janusauskas images via
ITS confirmed its role as the bridge between schools
and the fashion industry giving students and graduates
the opportunities they crave through a noteworthy set
of prizes, internships and job offers.

Janusauskas' presentation to the jury, images via

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