Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Renaissance in the offing

by lanificio Dell'Olivo
Florence's Pitti Immagine Filati 71 came to an end
before the sultry long weekend showing at the Spazio
Ricerca ”Renaissance”, a knitwear trend presentation
dedicated to what made Italy great, the culture of
designing and manual craftsmanship.

by Lineapiù

With an ongoing dialogue between tradition and
innovation, ”Renaissance” feeds on history while
looking to the future: chromatic suggestions ranging
from Leonardo's sanguine studies, Bramante's
translucent black as well the chalky gray softened
by pink highlights of Leon Battista Alberti and the
jade tones of Michaelangelo's semiprecious stone
mosaics are reinterpreted through the style of the
great masters of Italian industrial design such as
Scarpa, Mollino and the Memphis studio and the
well-known stars of automotive design: Bertone,
Zagato, Pininfarina (recently passed on), Giugiaro.

By the way, the great star for the 2013-14 fall/winter
season will be cashmere, pure or blended with other
yarns, with new shades, hi-tech blends and new
frothy wavy 3-D effects. Super light, airy yarns will
be wafting through the season in a multitude of
mixtures with unusual combinations and mosaic
blends, brilliant camouflage and 'handmade in 
the handmade' effects.

And of course lots of eco-vegetable ideas, evoking
roots, leaves and bark with yarns from bio materials
to 100% naturals, eco-friendly dyeing systems with
shades obtained only from grasses, flowers, berries
and roots of medicinal herbs, actually a comeback
of a traditional old technique now looking cool 
and modern as never before.
Once again Florence opened a riveting window on
neo-global knitting and the trends to come.

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