Friday, 6 July 2012

recycling matters

Feel the yarn” is the training project and contest aimed
at helping aspiring knitwear designers from prestigious
international fashion and design schools increasing their
knowledge on yarns held annualy in Florence 
duringPitti Immagine Filati” Fair.

Back in March twenty young designers from nine different
countries had a training visit to Tuscany getting introduced
to the local world of fibers and yarns by Ornella Bignami,
the project's tutor and coordinator who's valued worldwide
as one of the leading expert in yarns and fabrics.
Each student came to design and produce three knitted
outfits inspired by the theme ”From material to immaterial”
using yarns from the participating Tuscan spinners.

This morning I was present at the third edition's winner
announcement: Xiao Li, a Chinese young girl from London's
Royal College of Arts, was awarded the first prize for,
as juror David Shah pointed out ”her modernity, her
search for unusual shapes and color application (...)
having worked with recycled denim yarn that 
emphasizes a philosophy in which the concept 
of sustainability is crucial”.

”In my work I'm often influenced by ecological and sustainable
 issues, particularly recycling” she declared, ”I have combined
the recycled denim yarns with other yarns in a modern way to
produce fresh and innovative knitted fabrics. The word 'recycle'
does not have to mean old or handcrafted. I have knitted

 recycled denim fabrics (produced by Pinori), made molds 
of them, produced a soft silicone material from 
these molds and applied these to and combined 
them with my real knitted fabrics.”

Xiao Li, ”Feel the Yarn” 2012 winner

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  1. Dearest Elisabetta,

    As long as they aim to recycle and produce mostly natural fibers, that will help the environment!
    Love to you,