Tuesday, 3 July 2012

alien skin textures

There's a a young creator born and based in Barcelona
who had the courage of using repugnance, fear and
dregadation as a methodology for investigating the concept
of visual impact creating unique clothing out of the nude
body by turning its sinister forms into beautiful,
rendering the aesthetic effect of unpleasant feelings.

Georgina Santiago's ”...purpose is to use the mental process
generated by being exposed to a sinister image as a 
seduction method to create a new and disturbing aesthetic.
This aesthetic emerges from the most real element, my body,
and specifically my left hand (the sinister) and it reaches 

the most synthetic extreme” she declared 
introducing her placenta-like garments.

Paying close attention to her left hand whose skin appeared
to look like from a strange unfamiliar creature, Georgina
started working on the epidermis texture, run-of-the-mill
and extraterrestrial at the same time, constructing
anatomic volumes interacting directly with the body
in which ”transparent membranes show the bluish color
of the veins, abstracting the wrist and letting blue textures
create venous fabrics, and digital prints reproduce at
large-scale images of the human body they dress.”

Georgina studied fashion design at ESDI in Barcelona
and fashion branding at AMFI in Amsterdam and worked
as forecaster and designer in the multidisciplinary team
of Estudi Gloria Jover in her hometown before realizing
her graduate collection called ”MINUTIAE, bad weeds
grow tall” smartly emphasizing the tiny and trivial details
of our body through pellucid cocooning shapes.
Extreme, not so pleasant yet quite enthralling.

> all images © by Daniel Armengol <

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